Thursday, January 19, 2006

Fabulous Fushia Scarf

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When I saw this yarn at the the new yarn store in a neighboring town, I just fell in love with it....the color is so vivid and so ALIVE! It even made my dark hair look nice and complimented my skin to buy it...wouldn't you?

It was in two skeins...approx. 134 yards (5.6 oz) total and made of 3 ply 100% Cotswold handspun wool.

It's not as soft as I hoped it would be....kind of like a scratchy mohair...but it makes up for its scratchiness with its fabulous fuzziness.

This is the pattern I created to make this scarf:

Gauge: 15 stitches to 6 inches....or 5 stitches to 2 inches...or 2.5 stitches per inch....hmmmm...that's right.

Size 9 needle (circular or straights)

Cut 22 12 inch pieces of yarn to use as fringe for the two ends.

CO 15 stitches with both needles held together.
Knit 3 rows.

(*K1, yo...*across the row
Knit across the row, dropping all the yarn overs. Knit 3 more rows.

*K1, yo twice...*across the row.
Knit across, dropping all of the double yarn overs. Knit 3 more rows.

*K1, yo three times...*across the row
Knit across row, dropping all of the triple yarn overs. Knit 3 more rows.)

Repeat the pattern between ( ) until desired length or you almost run out of yarn.

BO the 15 stitches.
Add fringe.
Wear and Enjoy!

Happy Knitting!


Carol said...

Do you drop the yarn overs on the way back across the next knitted rows on this scarf. It looks like it in the picture. I made some cool belts similar to this for Christmas gifts and have a lot of the ribbon type yarn left over. I may try this. Thanks! your podcast! Found it on itunes.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hi Carol, I tried to edit this post with the correct instructions, but for some reason it won't show my corrections. I'll keep trying, but you're completely correct. You should be dropping the yarn overs on the next row after you make them. The first level, you'll drop one yarn over. The second will be 2 yarn overs and the third level with be the 3 yarn overs to drop. I'll keep trying to fix it. And, I'm SO glad that you like the podcast!!!

ErickaJo said...

What if I want to make it in green? Will it still be a Fabulous Fuschia Scarf?

I'm so confused.