Thursday, April 21, 2005

Trying to Blog

I've had a difficult time trying to get into my blog the past few weeks. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem....I keep getting "internal error" or something. I wish I had all the blogs I did write over the past two weeks saved, but my mind isn't what is used to be, so I don't...boohoo. I was astonished to see in my knitting journal that I've completed 100 projects in one year....I started knitting in April 2004. Wow! Everything from a sweater, lots of slippers, 4 pairs of socks, lots of hats, even more scarves, baby items, 2 or more knitted toys, and more. I've been busy! I've even made up two of my own for a knitted toilet paper cozy out of Reynold's Blizzard Yarn...and one for a beautiful mohair evening bag with beads. I'll try to put the patterns up next time or anyone can feel free to e-mail me and I'll share. My goals for this year are to try an intarsia type project....possibly a Mickey Mouse pillow for my sister....still trying to find a pattern for it, though. Also, want to make the alpaca teddy bear and a lace shawl....which would be new things for me, too. I am very excited to start my first dyeing project using the 100% Duke silk yarn I won on ebay and using Kool-Aid to create a beautiful colorway. I don't know how it'll turn out, but I'm going to try. Would love to hear about anyone else's experiences with Kool Aid. Will write more tommorrow if I can and write in my patterns...does anyone love ebay as much as I do?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Free and Clear....Knitting again!

So happy to be knitting again....and breathing, as well. I'm still working on the cashmere scarf, but taking a small break to knit myself a fushia colored Cotton Chenille washcloth. It is SO plush and soft.....I can't wait to start using it. The pale blue one I made in the shape of a flower from the book, Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, came out very nice...though it was more work than I thought....knitting all those petals was a bit tedious....but cute I must say. I can't wait until husband is going to watch the boys and I'm going knitting with my friends at the Barnes and Noble in's the best day of the week. I only wish I could stay all night! 3 hours seems to go by so quickly. I MUST finish the wedding shawl by the beginning of next week. My girlfriend's birthday is next Friday and I want to be able to mail it to her before then. I'm hoping to also knit her that white angora purse with the swarovski crystals as well...from the Stitch N Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. It's very nice and would go well with the wedding shawl. Well....time for breakfast...yummy!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Some Breathing....Some Knitting

Finally.....the Goddess of Knitting blessed me with a semi-working nose (not running 24/7) and time for 10 rows of knitting on my lobster pot scarf. I feel sinful just touching that's so luscious and soft....I only wish I could have a blanket made of it...maybe someday! I'm also very lucky to have a husband who didn't mind dropping me off at the adorable yarn store in Portsmouth....the Yarn Basket. It is VERY small...maybe the size of my bedroom, but it makes up for it in friendliness and helpfulness. The owner, Elaine, is so nice and I ask her a million questions every time I go....she never gets impatient or irritated with me. The selection is kind of limited, but I LOVE their Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton yarn, the same company's alpaca, Classic Elite's Lush and the Kashmir yarn (with cashmere AND silk!)...I forgot what company makes that. I bought a skein of Chinchilla for a chemo cap, 3 skeins of Cotton Chenille for face clothes (so soft and plush) and 1 skein of Classic Elite's Star, which is 99% cotton with lycra in a great cantaloupe color. Not sure what I'll do with that, but I'm sure I'll figure something out! All for now....unless anyone knows a pattern for a small knitted cozy for a tissue box?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

How to Knit with a Runny Nose.....

It's been almost two days since I've been able to knit. I've learned that it's practically impossible to knit when you're blowing your nose every 3.5 seconds. I guess I could ask my husband to stand next to me and wipe my nose so I'd have two free hands to knit, but I don't think he'd agree. I keep looking longingly at tbe blue cashmere scarf on my bamboo needles and wishing for enough time to pick it up and work on it. It's a sin to let it just sit there all day....I think of patting it and saying, "It's all right, pretty cashmere...I'm here....." but I think my family would call the nut house very quickly and have me committed. I wonder if there's a support group for knitters who talk to their yarn? I don't know....maybe I AM nuts! Keeping my fingers crossed (and my nose plugged with Puffs Plus) in hopes that I will be able to knit in the near future.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Not feeling so hot....

Sad to say, but yesterday, I didn't get single stitch done in my knitting. I did manage to read more of the book, "Knit's End" and it is the funniest book ever.....I can relate to all of the things she writes about...especially concerning yarn and my husband/kids. I keep sitting in my rocker, while blowing my nose constantly (and making sure to have my Puffs Plus handy) and looking at my beautiful cashmere scarf waiting to be picked up. Maybe tonight. I do have a yoga class to teach, but I think I may have to cancel. I don't think my students want me to be sneezing all over them or coughing during the relaxation. After I finish the wedding shawl and scarf, I'm going to start on the teddy bear made of alpaca from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". So cute. I only wish that the book showed how to knit the tiny sweaters with the initials on it that they have in their own shop window. I'd love to knit a "clothesline" of mini knitted sweaters to decorate my porch with. Hope all of you reading this have clear noses and hands full of wonderful knitting.