Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Entry 8....The Hang

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Now....all I have to do is wait....wait and wait...until my beautiful yarn dries. Then, I can wind it up (loosely...I have to work on not winding so tightly) and knit up a swatch. As soon as the swatch is done, I'll post the pic....what a great experience this time! I guess the Knitting Goddess was looking out for me this time....

Do you have any pics of your own handpainted yarns? I'd love to see them!

Do you have any colorways you'd recommend for another dyeing project? I'm always looking for new ideas...

Happy Knitting!


Mia said...

Yeah, isn't dyeing your own yarn just the COOLEST thing? There's no right or wrong.. just go with it baby! Splash some here and there.. smoosh it around.. rinse it out and see what you've got!

I love it when it comes out way BETTER than you expected!

Your colors look good :-)

Rod said...

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YogaGardenGirl said...

Hi Mia!

Thanks for reading my blog! How long have you been dyeing your own yarn? I'd love to see some. Do you usually dye just wool or do you dye other yarns, too?