Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ode to Knit Picks

As many of you know, I LOVE Knit Picks...and the catalog is almost like my knitting before-bed bible. That Kelly Petkun is a genius and I really should write to her personally. Not only are the Knit Picks brand yarns affordable (duh...it's practically like stealing!), but the quality is above average and some are exquisite! I've bought one skein of almost every one of the Knit Picks brand yarns and I've been more than pleased with them. The thing I like best is that the colors are wonderful....not only do they offer most classic colors, but also include bright, fun and just yummy shades for those of us out there who love color like they love chocolate. (mmmm....chocolate....) Don't tell anyone, but I've actually put my name on my catalog once it comes in the mail, just in case someone steals it on me (and who would blame her?)....forgetting that, in fact, this catalog is free and I could easily get another one. (The yarn-aholic in me just cannot bear to think of a night without going through the vibrant, pattern and yarn filled pages! Ahhh!!!) Not only does Knit Picks offer free patterns of creative, fun and also classic accessories/clothing to download online, but they also give you free patterns IN THE CATALOG! Eeeeee! (squealing) They offer every type of gauge yarn....laceweight, fingering, sportweight, worsted and bulky. Most of the yarns come in both varigated colors as well as solids. Their merino sock yarns are terrific...love the patterns and different styles...I've even used the iPod pattern with the sock yarn for my husband's iPod....came out great and was easy to understand. I'm just about to order a bunch of the new Fall line of yarns...including Ambrosia (baby alpaca and cashmere), Panache (baby alpaca, cashmere, silk and extra fine merino), Twirl (superfine alpaca and wool), Decadence (superfine alpaca) and Parade (superwash selfstriping sock yarn). I've already bought the new Suri Dream (in Fern) and I'm more than pleased with it...I'm making the Dreamy Throw for my new living room couch...it's 74% Suri Alpaca 22% wool 4% nylon.....it's very similar in texture and appearance to LaGran Mohair, except softer and a little furrier. The colors of Suri Dream are fantastic...like sherbet colors and I'm tempted to buy one of every color! Knit Picks seems to offer only the best books and tools...at least all the ones I'm interested in. Shipping is fast and super cheap...FREE if you spend $30 or more....can you believe it? I would love to meet Kelly some day and congratulate her on the wonderful job she's doing...especially for knitters who are on a budget but who also love yarn like their own children. So, in conclusion, spend $30 and get yourself a whole bunch of Knit Picks yarn and get addicted like me. You won't be sorry! (Also, check out the Knitter's Review...they've reviewed the earlier yarns in more detail and I trust them.) Happy Knitting!


tammielovescandy said...

oh my gosh -
i have to show your post to my hubby - he can not physically understand how i can look at a catalog every single day (sometimes more than once), but i do with the knitpicks catalog-
i am so glad i am not the only one!
saw your post on knitted babes - just started mine and will post her picture soon

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hi TammieLovesCandy...love that name! Awesome! It made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one either! How's your babe coming along? I'll have to go to the babes website and check it out!