Friday, April 01, 2005

Not feeling so hot....

Sad to say, but yesterday, I didn't get single stitch done in my knitting. I did manage to read more of the book, "Knit's End" and it is the funniest book ever.....I can relate to all of the things she writes about...especially concerning yarn and my husband/kids. I keep sitting in my rocker, while blowing my nose constantly (and making sure to have my Puffs Plus handy) and looking at my beautiful cashmere scarf waiting to be picked up. Maybe tonight. I do have a yoga class to teach, but I think I may have to cancel. I don't think my students want me to be sneezing all over them or coughing during the relaxation. After I finish the wedding shawl and scarf, I'm going to start on the teddy bear made of alpaca from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". So cute. I only wish that the book showed how to knit the tiny sweaters with the initials on it that they have in their own shop window. I'd love to knit a "clothesline" of mini knitted sweaters to decorate my porch with. Hope all of you reading this have clear noses and hands full of wonderful knitting.

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