Saturday, April 02, 2005

How to Knit with a Runny Nose.....

It's been almost two days since I've been able to knit. I've learned that it's practically impossible to knit when you're blowing your nose every 3.5 seconds. I guess I could ask my husband to stand next to me and wipe my nose so I'd have two free hands to knit, but I don't think he'd agree. I keep looking longingly at tbe blue cashmere scarf on my bamboo needles and wishing for enough time to pick it up and work on it. It's a sin to let it just sit there all day....I think of patting it and saying, "It's all right, pretty cashmere...I'm here....." but I think my family would call the nut house very quickly and have me committed. I wonder if there's a support group for knitters who talk to their yarn? I don't know....maybe I AM nuts! Keeping my fingers crossed (and my nose plugged with Puffs Plus) in hopes that I will be able to knit in the near future.

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